2019 All-Thorne Cup Team

by WSHL Staff

The hustle and bustle of the WSHL Thorne Cup Playoffs has come and gone. 

Every year, the post season leaves behind remnants, in its wake, as symbols that acknowledge what it takes to get to the Thorne Cup Finals. Those remnants are personified by none other than the All-Thorne Cup Team.  

The All-Thorne Cup team is comprised of players who have not only been an elite asset through the regular season, but also, invaluable at the Thorne Cup Finals. Voted on by members of the WSHL executive committee, the following players have exemplified indispensable merit: 


Dominic Loubert - Oklahoma City Blazers

Justin Dubecky - El Paso Rhinos

Donald Alchin - El Paso Rhinos

Ryan Mascali - Ogden Mustangs


 Sebastian Heden - Edson Aeros

Harri Koll - Oklahoma City Blazers

Ian Currie - Ogden Mustangs

Rhett Rampinelli - Ogden Mustangs

Martin Dubsky - El Paso Rhinos

Samuel Sykes - El Paso Rhinos


Richie Parent - El Paso Rhinos

Coach of the Year

Jake Laime - Ogden Mustangs


Lori Miller - Ogden Mustangs (Owner)