Ignatovich Finds More Than a Home with Seattle

by Steve Casson

Seattle’s Tom Ignatovich has almost as many points in the first six games this season as he had in 42 games last season with the Totems. Now the Israeli-born left winger is on pace to score 105 points in the regular season.

Ignatovich is Seattle’s leading goal scorer with 10 goals (he also has and 5 assists) as of October 9. But its rookie center Michael Shippee who’s been serving the rubber to the Totems left winger. 

“(Shippee) is an extremely talented play maker and he’s been giving me the puck,” Ignatovich said. “I’ve been lucky to have a linemate like him and I’m fortunate enough to put the puck in the net.”

Shippee, who has 14 assists to compliment his four goals, is the team leader in points. But it’s playing together in the past that prompted Seattle coach Mike Murphy to put the pair on the same line.

“We’ve been really good friends since we were little kids and have played together for years,” Ignatovich said. “We have some chemistry that we’ve built over our hockey careers, so playing with him has really helped me out and given me the boost that I’ve needed.”

Seattle was a point away from postseason play in 2016-17 so starting this year at 5-0-1 has given the Totems a boost, Ignatovich said. That’s lead to excitement in the locker room.

“We’ve been working hard in practice on and off the ice,” Ignatovich said. “The boys have a lot of confidence.”

Ignatovich was born in Haifa, Israel to Russian parents and came to the United States when he was two years old. He and his family live in Bothell, a suburb of Seattle.  

Finding an NCAA college hockey team to call home is Ignatovich’s goal after his time in the WSHL, save for a stint in Europe. But the 19-year-old envisions a time when he’ll teach his favorite sport.

“My ultimate dream is to become a hockey coach when I’m done playing,” Ignatovich said.

 Right now winning a Thorne Cup championship is his drea