Murphy, Totems Head Coach to Undergo Cranial Surgery

by WSHL Staff

Over the last several days Mike Murphy, Seattle Totems, WSHL Executive Committee Member and all around go to guy, has been going through numerous tests to validate the reason for continuous headaches over the last several weeks. 

15 years ago Mike had a very serious cranial surgery to remove a benign tumor from the anterior quadrant of his head.  Serious enough that the surgery took 14 hrs. to complete,   Headaches and vision issues developed because of the tumor.   Following surgery Mike went through several months to rehabilitate the many side effects that type of surgery can create.  

The battery of tests this week determined the tumor has grown back and surgery is required again.  Friday morning (9/25) Mike will travel down that same path again of a estimated 12 hour surgery to remove the tumor.  As if that isn't serious enough, there will likely be another extended period of rehabilitation to regain motor skills, vision issues, etc.,  damaged during surgery. 

All of us who have known Mike over the years will be pulling for Mike, prayers, positive vibes, well wishes, etc.  As determined as we all know Mike can be, likely and hopefully this just another disruption to his normal schedule, but we must keep Mike in our thoughts and prayers.  

Last night almost 2 dozen ex-players of the Seattle Totems ranges in ages from 20-30+ sent a zoom video to Mike wishing him the best (attached at the bottom).  Additionally the same group of dedicated Mike Murphy players who  Mike has mentored over the years arrived at the hospital before sunup to wish Mike well before the surgery as he and his wife pulled into the parking lot.  Needless to say, a tremendous showing of love and respect for their mentor.

Mike is a terrific guy. He will pull through this setback.  As much as you will want to reach out to him and  give him support, Mike and his family would appreciate and respect his request for a lot of peace and quiet for the next couple of weeks as he recuperates from the surgery.  No call, texts, emails, etc. until Mike sends us all a personal report on his condition.  In the meantime the WSHL will be in touch with Mikes family daily and send out frequent reports on his recovery.  

Should you like to send a note to Mike that he can read later please send it to, and we will make sure Mike receives the message once he has reached a certain level of recovery as required by his medical staff.