Mustangs Vs. Bombers Semifinals Recap April 14, 2018

by Laura Cisneros

In a show down to earn their spot in the finals the Long Beach Bombers and the Ogden Mustangs faced off for the first game in the semifinals on April 14, 2018. The Ogden Mustangs earned their spot in the semifinals after being the only team to go 3-0 in the round robins. The Long Beach Bombers earned their spot after beating the El Paso Rhinos the first day of the tournament in which the Rhinos had their first home loss all season and due to the tie breaker rule. The Mustangs came into the game with their minds set on the cup. The Mustangs had 13 players pitch in to pull a ten to three score against the Bombers, with nine players scoring goals. Matus Spodniak (F) was the unofficial star of the game with two goals and two assists. The other 8 goals were by Austin Dittenhafer (D), Ryan Mascali (D), Tim Jonsson (D), Jacob Laurin (F), Ross Bartlett (F), Matt Mcclelland (F), Kerry Kruzel (F), and Ammon Anderson (F).

 “I’m ready to go out there and win with my teammates and bring home a win for our fans back in Ogden,” Says Bartlett.

 “We have worked hard and it’s paying off” Says Ian Currie.

 Currie had three assists in the game. Like his teammates Jacob Laurin feels proud, 

“All the boys are so happy, and I am so proud of the team, so I hope we can finish the Thorne Cup as number one, that would be an unreal feeling”.

The Mustangs must now await to see who they will face off against in the finals, after tonight’s match up between the Idaho IceCats and the El Paso Rhinos.