by Eric Rodgers

The Oklahoma City Blazers have announced they are under new permanent ownership, following the relinquishing of the team by former owners, and a brief stint of ownership by the Western States Hockey League. 

The Blazers are thrilled to introduce Jake Runey as the team's new owner.

"This is a great opportunity for myself and fiance. I am excited to help the OKC Blazers continue their success on the ice as well as rebuilding their relationship within the community," said Runey.

Born in Houston and raised in Dallas, Runey grew up around the sport of hockey, having played his way through the Dallas Junior Hockey Association as a defenseman while growing up. Runey's father had played previously alongside the Dineen family, and against the Hatcher brothers during his career as well.

"I look forward to advancing the players to the next level, whether it be a higher junior league, to the NCAA, or a pro league," said Runey. "In addition to the players, I want the team to be more involved with the community and our fans. I will bring a whole new approach to our game day entertainment and fan engagement. In the end, the fans are the most important thing to the success of the OKC Blazers!"

Looking ahead for the remainder of the season, Runey stated, "There will be no immediate changes to personnel as we continue to structure for next season and look for local sponsors to help us finish out this season."

Jake Runey can be contacted via email at with any questions or inquiries.