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Austin White

April 24, 2019 

Home will always be where the heart is and the home for Dixson Root and Sean Meier has always been the ice.

The two standouts from the Pueblo County High School’s co-op hockey team received the chance to mix both their metaphorical and physical homes Tuesday at the Pueblo Plaza Ice Arena.

After both players spent last year playing on the East Coast in junior hockey leagues, they signed contracts to become the first members of the Pueblo Bulls for their inaugural season in the Western States Hockey League.

“It was nice to get out of home for a little bit but after like five months I was over it,” Meier said. “I missed mom’s home cook meals, all my friends back here. Being able to play junior hockey in Pueblo, especially now being able to represent the town of Pueblo makes it all the better.”

Meier, a goalie, spent the last season with the Boston Bandits of the United States Premier Hockey League while Root, a forward, played for the Long Beach Sharks in the North American 3 Hockey League.

Root played in 27 games and had 11 goals along with one assist.

During their time playing for Pueblo County, the two helped the Hornets produce one of the best seasons in program history in 2017-2018 when they went 15-6 and 13-3 in league play.

“I loved it here because everyone who was from here was on your side for everything,” Root said. “Pueblo is all with each other and its awesome...It’s a great feeling being back.”

Both are ecstatic to return to Pueblo and play on the rink they learned to skate on and played on for much of their lives.

Getting the chance to represent the Pueblo name once again and try to create a lasting legacy for the franchise is just the icing on top.

“I want to be a trailblazer, I want the other guys thinking about playing for the Bulls see me signing and Dixson signing and say ‘Oh, it’s go time,’” Meier said. “We want more people to sign and we want to be a competitive team right away.”

Root and Meier played together before high school for about six years, but split up when they went to play for separate Colorado Springs schools their freshmen years.

Root came back his sophomore year to become a Hornet and slowly convinced Meier to join and eventually got him back to play their last two years back in Pueblo.

“It’s awesome having Sean in the same boat and it’s a great feeling,” Root said. “It’s a big deal having the support from so many people and there is so much support from different high schools, too.

“Having something like this (event) is a big sign of respect from everyone. This is a legit deal that is happening now.”

Bulls coach Chris Wilhite can appreciate the excellent story that comes with Meier and Root’s homecoming.

However, this decision is more than just a heart-warming tale. Wilhite and the rest of the Bulls coaching staff want to succeed on the ice and they know the Pueblo duo provide the type of talent needed.

“They both played junior hockey, they both have that full experience of the junior hockey world,” Wilhite said. “They understand what it’s all about and they understand the speed, the culture. They’re ready for it, they’re ready for the Pueblo junior hockey experience.”

Now the next step is just waiting for practice to begin in early September.

Wilhite is off to the Czech Republic on a scouting trip and will also be looking for players across the United States.

The Bulls will host an open tryout in late June for players looking to catch their eye and will hold one final invite camp in July.

The season is expected to begin at the end of September/early October.

“Just sitting down talking with the players and their families, you could see the smiles on their faces that their boys are coming back home,” Wilhite said. “They don’t have to watch on their computer or TV. They get to drive five minutes away to watch their boy play the game they love.

“It’s really exciting for these players, it’s a great opportunity for them and I can’t wait for the season to get started.”