Weekend Recap 01.20.20

by WSHL Staff

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(Photo by Aaron Provencio, Monsters)

Fresno Monsters 6, Valencia Flyers 4


The Fresno Monsters pulled away from the Flyers after opening the first period with a pair of goals and adding two more in the second period to gain a 4-0 lead. Mikhail Gavrilenko and Ty Woodard each scored twice to facilitate the win.

Nikhil Pool got the flyers on the board scoring at 12:41 of the second period making it 4-1. However, the Monster’s Antoine Dumoulin re-established the three-goal margin late in the frame.

Valencia caught Fresno sleeping just after Dumoulin’s goal, and connected on three straight to make it 5-4. Nikita Garin collected two of the three goals and Cole Sykes also put one home.

Gavrilenko put the game away with 36 seconds remaining in the final frame, and gave Fresno its first win of the weekend.


(Photo by Manny Brizuela, WSHL)

Fresno Monsters 1, Ontario Avalanche 6


Gabel Longshore scored a hat trick and three additional players for the Avalanche outmatched the Monsters in Selland Arena. Ontario wins its second consecutive game against Fresno.

Unlike versus the Flyers, the Monsters met greater resistance as they fell to the 5-0 deficit to start the third period. Jonathan Kornreder remained firm through the first two frames making 22 saves to keep Fresno off the board.

Fresno was finally able to beat Korneder at 8:24 of the third frame when their leading scorer, Narek Aleksanyan, put one away.

Korneder made a total of 32 saves equating to a .970 SV% and his sixth win of the season. 

Fresno Monsters 1, Ontario Avalanche 2


Game 2 was a lot more even and scoring wasn’t as abundant with goals coming early in the game, and in the final minutes. Mark Kurlianchyk’s goal at 17:22 of the first period withstood the length of the game and ended up being the game-winner.

Liam Massie started early for Ontario, who opened the scoring less than a minute into the match.

The Monsters could successfully find a goal scoring on a two-man advantage, 5-on-3, late in the game. This time, it was Romi Huunonen who provided the solid goal tending making 35 saves to fend off the Monsters.

Ontario remains one point away from fourth place in the Western Division standings. The Monsters also remain in first place with a nine-point advantage.    


Pueblo Bulls 5(OT), Wichita Jr. Thunder 4  


Pueblo Bulls had a rough start to their 12-game home stand, but where able to edge the Wichita Jr. Thunder in their opening game of this weekend series. Hunter Gruben scored in overtime to give the Bulls an important win.

Ondrej Blaha registered two goals and one assist while an additional three skaters helped to reach the 5-goal outing. Ethan Knudsen led both sides with three assists.

Although Wichita's Quinn O’Reilly and Michael Steggall had a pair of goals each, Bulls goaltender Sean Meier, wasn’t tested as often as Dominik Janickar who was forced to make 59 saves.

Despite the difference in shots and possession, Wichita converted on a power-play and shorthanded goal to take a 3-2 lead in the second. Pueblo was able to respond with two goals shortly after that, and regained the lead at 4-3.

Steggall sent the game to overtime with his tally at 13:52 of the final period.

Pueblo Bulls 11, Wichita Jr. Thunder 2


The Bulls took complete control of Game 2, stampeding through Wichita with 11 total goals. Ethan Knudsen’s goal at 7:55 of the first stanza proved to be the game-winner as the Jr. Thunder struck twice.

John Henderson led all players with a hat trick and one assist ,and 16 total players for Pueblo found points. Quinn O’Reilly and Braeden Thomas registered as the only two goal scorers for Wichita.

Pueblo reached the 9-0 advantage at the 13:31 mark of the second period before Wichita found succeeding goals at 2:28 of the second, and 16:31 of the third.

Pueblo Bulls 7, Wichita Jr. Thunder 6(OT)


Wichita managed to take the Bulls to overtime for the second time in three nights, but just couldn’t quite clear the hurdle on Sunday after dropping a lead. Six different goal scorers by the Bulls outshined Lukas Johansson’s hat trick.

The Bulls were awarded a penalty shot as they were trying to tie it late in the game. Wyatt Andres buried the shot and sent it to overtime. Andrei Ivanov scored the overtime game-winner at 3:37 pushing the Bulls to into third place, one point away from second place in the Midwest-Mountain division.

Wichita had a 5-3 lead after they converted on four straight goals in the second period. Two of the four goals were special teams plays including a 5-on-3 and 4-on-4 goal.

The four-goal succession served as an appropriate response to Pueblo’s initial 3-1 lead.


Edson Aeros 10, Meadow Lake Mustangs 0


Edson Aeros cruised to a heavy victory over the Meadow Lake Mustangs, getting 10 goals past Declan Treichel who could only hold on in the first period.

Niklas Froden scored a hat-trick, Brian Bailer led all skaters with five points, and Sebastian Heden had two goals and two helpers.

Gregory Smith secures his 16th win of the season, and third shutout stopping all 32 shots.

Edson Aeros 8, Meadow Lake Mustangs 6 


The Aeros remained unblemished against the Meadow Lake Mustangs despite being down on two occasions. Philip Bjorkman put the thriller to rest scoring the game-winner at 9:55 of the third frame, on the power play.

Mathew Rathbone and Quentin Stempfel tide with three points while net-minders Eli Bowers and Gregory Smith combined for 32 saves.

Meadow Lake’s Erik Ehrmantraut led all skaters with five points. Geordie Janvier and Lindon Bird registered three points each.

Edson had the routine opening goal when Tyler Villeneuve scored at the 7:00 minute mark of the first period. But they weren’t expecting to give up two penalties allowing Janvier to capitalize on both man advantages. The Mustangs pushed to the 3-1 lead at 2:02 of the first.

Rarely down by multiple goals, the Aeros needed an answer and they found it when Jarius Moar scored two goals at 18:17 and 6:12 of the second to level it 3-3. Meadow Lake again widened the gap and took a lead but it was offset as the Aeros went five straight.


Edson Aeros 15, Cold Lake Hornets 1


In a game where three Edson Aero players found hat tricks, the Cold Lake Hornets endured a deflating loss. Niklas Froden, Sebastian Heden, and Maverick Baxtrom each had hat tricks—Froden led all skaters with seven points.

Edson had the 10-0 lead by 3:15 of the second period, reaching the mark with three shorthanded tallies included. Cold Lake’s Cody Saint scored the only goal for them at 2:35 of the middle period before Edson marched on with another five goals.  


Cold Lake Hornets 7, Barrhead Bombers 6


Visiting Barrhead Bombers didn’t have the same fortune as their previous outings at Cold Lake Energy Centre, dropping a close game that carried weight in the standings. Johan Crowchild opened the scoring and led with two goals and Anson Smith was the majority point producer on four helpers.

Dmitro Kobylnyk scored two goals for the Bombers and four more skaters found the back of the net.

After Crowchild made it 1-0 for Cold Lake, The Bombers could come back and take the 2-1 lead with a shorthanded and power play goal from Kobylnyk and Oleksandr Filimonov.

Both teams would trade a pair of goals leaving the Bombers with a 3-2 lead at 11:04 of the second period. Barrhead was assessed two penalties in a row, allowing the Hornets to convert consecutively taking the 4-3 lead.

The third period wasn’t exactly a scoring frenzy but each time scored twice allowing the Hornets the 7-6 victory at home.

Cold Lake Hornets 3, Barrhead Bombers 5

Scoresheet TBD.  


Barrhead Bombers 2, Meadow Lake Mustangs 7


Meadow Lake Mustangs were able to hold onto the third place position with their 7-2 win over the trailing Bombers. Shane Hounsell and Lindon Bird scored hat tricks—Hounsell led both parties with six points.

Meadow Lake found their special teams game at the right moment scoring on five special team efforts to stifle Barrhead.

Darian Hartley and Mykyta Protsenko scored the two goals for the Bombers as Hartley’s goal served to tie the game 1-1 early. 

Meadow Lake found their second lead on Erik Ehrmantraut’s only goal, and the game-winner landed on Lindon Bird at 7:09 of the second.

Declan Treichel made 38 saves to earn his fourth win of the season.


Seattle Totems 6, Southern Oregon Spartans 3


For the first time since early November, the Spartans and Totems faced off, with Seattle coming out to a six-goal victory at the “Medford Madhouse.” Spencer Warren’s unassisted goal at 5:53 of the second period is the awarded game-winner.

Daniel Modin scored twice to lead the group of five goal getters for Seattle; The Spartans saw contribution from Andrew Rothmeier, Alexander Andrews, and Jeremy Vant Geloof.

Southern Oregon started with a 2-0 lead following scoring plays finished by Geloof in the first, and Rothmeier at 15:33 of the second frame.

Seattle erupted with five goals, still in the second period to overwhelm a trying Spartans side. Andrews put Southern Oregon on the board a third time, though it was much too late.

Southern Oregon Spartans 2, Seattle Totems 8


Totems opened with four first period goals en route to a Bryson Rody hat trick.  Five more Totems found the back of the net in a game that forced Spartan's Aidan Harding and Ethan Shute to make at least 20 saves each.

Southern Oregon could give its fans three goals as Dalton Chaney, Andrew Rothmeier, and Emmett Rupert found twine. The Spartans connected on back-to-back goals after the Totems had already built a 4-0 lead.

Seattle regained its four-goal margin with a power play and 4-on-4 bids to end the second period.

Rustam Kulizad made 28 saves and played to his third win of the season.

Southern Oregon Spartans 2, Seattle Totems 5

Scoresheet TBD

Seattle defeated the Southern Oregon Spartans in Klamath Falls in their very own version of a 'Winter Classic.' The game was held outdoors at the Bill Collier Community Ice Arena. With the sight of snowy pine trees in the background, the Northwest Division rivals were all in, outdoors. 


(Via @ogdenmustangs)

Northern Colorado Eagles 2, Ogden Mustangs 3


Northern Colorado insisted on making the Mustangs work for their home win after tying the game in the third. Oliver Wieringa broke the tie and gave Ogden its 30th win of the season.

Wieringa had two goals and Bobby Mckinley registered one goal compared to the Eagles whose Jeremy Landers Jr. netted two goals on his own.

Travis Allen and Marshall Murphy both made 31 saves though Allen reached his ninth victory of the season.

The Mustangs jumped out to a 2-0 lead after connecting on a 4-on-4 opportunity and scoring while even strength at 11:47 of the first stanza. Northern Colorado could find some momentum on blanking Ogden in the second and cutting the lead down to 2-1 when Landers scored his first.

Landers managed the tying goal at 17:16 of the third stanza rendering the game 2-2 until the final five minutes of play.

Wieringa won it for Ogden at 4:37 of the third period.

Northern Colorado Eagles 0, Ogden Mustangs 5


Travis Allen only needed to make 15 saves in the game to usher in his 10th victory of the season, and second shutout. Eagles were held to just two shots in the opening period and couldn’t loosen up the Ogden defense.

Gleb Krivoshapkin netted a pair of goals and registered one helper; Alex Engan, Lucas Vacin, and David Sudbrink each had a goal as well.

The Mustangs were held off until the 8:41 mark of the first period as Krivoshapkin ignited the five goal outing.

Northern Colorado Eagles 1, Ogden Mustangs 7


Ogden waited until Sunday to deliver its highest scoring blow of the weekend, and a staggering seven different players scored a goal to sweep Northern Colorado. Travis Allen won his third consecutive game extending his total win count to 11 in the season.

The image depicted by the scoresheet paints a different picture at least at around the 9:50 mark of the first period, when the Eagles gained their only lead of the series. Eric Hildebrand got on the sheet making it 1-0.

Unfortunately for the Greeley side, Ogden embarked on three special teams goals in a row, and continued to total seven unanswered.

With the Eagles unable to collect any points they relinquish the third spot in the division to Pueblo.  


Las Vegas Thunderbirds 1, San Diego Sabers 3


San Diego faced an important three games to gain ground in the tight division standings, and started on a good note with the win on Friday night. Calijah Hunter made three saves before he was substituted out for Ludwig Nordqvist who carried the load with 29 saves, earning his sixth win of the season.

San Diego scored a goal each period with Dylan Travis lighting the lamp initially at 6:18. The home side insisted on gaining the 2-0 lead when Ondrej Vaculik found twine after a full second frame was winding down.

Las Vegas lowered its production in the third but could find hope in cutting the lead at 5:30 of the third. Austin Kerridge’s goal proved to be the only one for Vegas.

Trevor Wittkopf found the insurance goal in a shorthanded effort with 33 seconds remaining in the tilt.

Las Vegas Thunderbirds 0, San Diego Sabers 3


San Diego must not have forgotten their loss from Nov. 17, when they were blanked at Sobe Arena. Sabers return the 3-0 favor and shutout the Las Vegas Thunderbirds for the first time in their season series.

Calijah Hunter made 32 saves earning his 10th win and second shutout of the season. Of note, Rhett Bruckner made an impressive 50 saves for Las Vegas, who just couldn’t compliment his effort.

Deniss Berdniks, Samuel Kapusta, and Trevor Wittkopf each had the goals respectively. Petter Kjellin assisted in all three plays and led with three points.

San Diego gained an initial 2-0 lead in the second period and then made it 3-0 at 5:07 of the third.

Las Vegas Thunderbirds 0, San Diego Sabers 2


San Diego Sabers complete the sweep of Las Vegas and extends its second place cushion to 12-points ahead of third place Thunderbirds. The Sabers earn back-to-back shutout wins for the third time in the season.

Mikulas Pluhacek reaches his fifth win of the 2019-2020 campaign, second shutout. Again, the T-Birds just couldn’t find a way to compliment their goaltender’s play as Jesper Ahlberg did his best in saving 44 shots.

With the loss, Vegas suffers sweeps in consecutive weekends dropping to five losses in a row—third time being swept.   


(Photo by Michelle Holcomb, Snipers)

El Paso Rhinos 3, Dallas Snipers 0


El Paso was kept off the scoreboard for the entire first frame but managed to get through Alexander Aleshkin in the latter two periods.

Sawyer Schmidt extends his league-leading win count to 18, having stopped 30 shots in this game, and fourth shutout.

Tomas Urbanec found the back of the net to start on the 1-0 lead early in the middle period. 

Rhinos would capitalize on two straight special teams efforts, including a power goal from Matt Sparrow, and shorthanded goal by Easton Easterson.

El Paso Rhinos 8, Dallas Snipers 3


Dallas took the initiative early but just couldn’t hold onto the lead as the Rhinos surged with two goals each from Dominic Erdt and Sam Sykes leading the way.

Seven different players for El Paso registered multiple points, as did Dallas’ Arvidas Domeika, who led his team with two points.

Although the Snipers were outshot 15-7 in the first period, Arthur Aloyan and Michael Fatta gave Dallas a 2-0 lead within the first three minutes of the match.  It got the better of the Rhinos for a moment though El Paso found two goals before the period closed to tie it 2-2.

Dallas was able to remain firm and took over the momentum with consistent pressure into the Rhinos zone. It paid off when Alexsey Syrotenko recovered the lead making It 3-2 at 9:55 of the second stanza.

Again, the Rhinos found a way to sneak a goal past Aleshkin before the period ended sending the game to intermission tied 3-3.

The Rhinos capitalized on a power play and a two-man advantage to start the third period, which opened up five straight goals.

El Paso Rhinos 6, Dallas Snipers 0


El Paso becomes the first team to break 100-points and moves to its 33rd win with the sweep of Dallas on Sunday. Oliver Soovik made 28 saves to reach his 13th win and fourth shutout of the campaign.

Six individual Rhinos scored goals while Sebastian Jovicic led with three points in the night. Dallas was able to suppress the Rhinos for the entire first period and kept them to just one goal in the second.

However, the third period was congested with five consecutive goals from the defending champions.

Dallas is two regulation wins from being tied for fourth place though it helps that the Eagles also endured a sweep this weekend.