Weekend Recap 2.21.20 - 2.23.20

by WSHL Staff


(Photo by Bayleigh Schroeder, Ice Rink Photography, Outliers)

Seattle Totems 0, Utah Outliers 6: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8363

Seattle Totems 2, Utah Outliers 3(SO): https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8368

Seattle Totems 1, Utah Outliers 7: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8378

After blanking the Totems on Thursday night, the Utah Outliers had to force overtime on Friday before sheer dominance on Saturday night at Olympicview Arena.

On Friday in Game 2, the Outliers found themselves trailing the Totems on two occasions. Seattle was largely in their own zone, however, Rustam Kulizade was a true backbone for the team making a whopping 71 saves in the game. His efforts alone kept Seattle in the game and got them out of muddy waters in overtime.

The Outliers may have drained the Totems of life when Brad Mccloskey found the deflating goal to make it 2-2 with 8 seconds remaining in the second period. The game would remain scoreless in the third and overtime, to see a seven-round shootout commence. Nobody could get past the goalies, until Dawson Armstrong went five-hole on Kulizade in the seventh round of the shootout.

In Game 3, Utah had started on a 5-0 lead before Seattle could find twine with 14 seconds to go in the second period. Unfortunately, that late-frame goal couldn't develop into something more.


Ontario Avalanche 5, Fresno Monsters 4: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8364

Ontario Avalanche 1, Fresno Monsters 8: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8371

Ontario Avalanche 4, Fresno Monsters 6: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8381

Ontario's recent fond memories of Selland Arena took a steep downturn as it went on to suffer an 8-1 decision at the hands of the Monsters. Sunday's game was the final regular season game scheduled for Selland Arena, as the Monsters will close out the season at Gateway Ice Center.

It wasn't much of a contest for Fresno who had a 6-0 lead by 9:07 of the second period. Petr Philippov and Narek Aleksanyan had already collected each of their two goals in the game. Mikhail Gavrilenko completed his hat trick to culminate the scoring at 16:23 of the third frame.

Ontario could strike some doubt into the Monsters on Sunday, however. First, the Monsters scored two goals in under two minutes to go ahead 2-0 at the 10:26 mark. But the, the Avalanche came back and found the energy to tie it up 2-2 sending it to intermission on a draw. Gabel Longshore and Quinn Deshler were responsible for tying the game but Ontario found itself behind again.

The second opportunity to tie the game was capitalized by Charles Riordon at 15:19 of the second frame. The go ahead goal belongs to Adam McGill giving Ontario a 4-3 partial lead.

Fresno took over the game in the third period and outmuscled to Avalanche with three unanswered goals for the 6-4 final.


Northern Colorado Eagles 4(S), Pueblo Bulls 3: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8375

Northern Colorado Eagles 2, Pueblo Bulls 5: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8385

Northern Colorado Eagles5, Pueblo Bulls 6(OT): https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8391

The potential playoff round didn't disappoint as the two Colorado based clubs went to overtime twice, but the Bulls delivered two winning efforts on Saturday and Sunday, including the decisive 5-2 victory. Henrey Dennee made a combined 64 saves in Game 2 and Game 3 and inches closer to 20 wins in the season with his 17th.

Case Kantgias, Brennan McFarland, and Sean Mcmahon scored in the shootout on Friday to give the Eagles a victory in its first game ever against the Bulls. Marshall Murphy let in a goal each period but saved 35, and is at 23 wins. Pueblo tested Murphy 17 times in the opening period and outshot the visiting Eagles by more than double. Kantgias and Quinn O'Reilly combined in the third period to send the tilt to overtime.

The Bulls' hard work ethic paid off more so late on Saturday, after a scoreless first period in Game 2. Jacob Elik got Northern Colorado on the board first, at 15:41 of the second stanza. Eventually the Eagles were able to gain a 2-1 lead after Pueblo had tied it. And then the Bulls really opened it up with four unanswered goals to level off the series.

Although multiple players were producing chances and creating opportunity in front of the net for Northern Colorado, Dennee outsaved Murphy on the high scoring Sunday night tilt. A Six-man effort in the goals department made the victory possible and Kaleb Ross netted the game-winner with his backhand at 1:54 of overtime.


Valencia Flyers 0, Las Vegas Thunderbirds 10: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8366

Austen Kerridge led in the goals department with a hat trick and two helpers, but Joseph Wheeler led in points as the Canadian forward took home six points with a goal and five assists. Unfortunately for Valencia, it wasn't able to celebrate a goal as the 12 shots produced were denied by Owen Kennedy who reaches his third shutout and fifth win of 2019-2020.

Yevgeni Govorushko and Anthony Rodriguez also contributed with two goals each. Joseph Terrana scored the opening goal at 6:56 of the first period.

Valencia Flyers 0, San Diego Sabers 10: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8384

Valencia Flyers 0, San Diego Sabers 1: Forfeit

The change in setting didn't do much to inspire a goal out of the Flyers who were peppered by the San Diego Sabers with another 10 goals. Deniss Berdniks reached a hat trick along with two assists to lead all skaters. Eight more Sabers registered multiple points and Mikulas Pluhacek won his seventh game of the season.

The Sabers were awarded a regulation win as the Flyers had to forfeit Sunday's game. The result is a 1-0 score in favor of the Sabers which places them in second place in the Western Division—one point ahead of Vegas.

Valencia is at 21 games without a win, and with five more games left in the regular season, still has the chance to at least end the year on the win column.


El Paso Rhinos 6, Oklahoma City Blazers 0: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8367

El Paso Rhinos 6, Oklahoma City Blazers 2: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8377

El Paso Rhinos 5, Oklahoma City Blazers 2: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8393

The Rhinos stampeded to its eight consecutive victory over division rivals, Oklahoma City Blazers, with the sweep this weekend.

Six individual players registered goals for El Paso in Game 1, with Sawyer Schmidt making 14 saves to force the shutout. A couple key players for El Paso this weekend can be highlighted in Niklas Ornmarker and Sebastian Jovicic—who leads all league-wide defensemen in scoring with 74 points to date.

Ornmarker scored two back-to-back goals on Saturday extending the Rhinos lead to 5-0 and 6-1 respectively. Jovicic was impressive on Sunday as the defender registered a hat trick and added one helper.

The Blazers are not in playoff position at the moment, and its seven game skid isn't doing them any favors now behind the Snipers by 12-points. They still have a total of 12-points on the schedule to battle for, including a game against the Snipers, but Dallas won't likely drop a significant amount of points as it closes out the regular season against a less difficult opponent.


Cold Lake Hornets 1, Barrhead Bombers 3: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8369

Cold Lake Hornets 3, Barrhead Bombers 8: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8379

Cold Lake Hornets 4, Barrhead Bombers 8: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8389

Barrhead took full advantage of its opportunity to run away with the three-spot in the Provincial Division. It was the first three game series between both Alberta clubs and Barrhead managed to put a 10-point separation between them in the standings. Carter Zawortny potted a five-point night with a hat trick and two helpers on Friday.

Jacob Mireault scored four goals on Sunday in only his fourth game as an Edson Aero and splashes into the roster with impact already. Former Bomber, Wassim Saidani had points in each of the games for Cold Lake, but his team couldn't put together the concerted effort necessary to keep the Bombers from the board.

In fact, the Hornets gave up a three goal lead on Saturday, as the Bombers rallied with eight straight overwhelming goals. Cold Lake will make one more trip to the Barrhead Agrena to cap off the season-series, but it's looking like they have a first round date against the Edson Aeros.


Southern Oregon Spartans 2, Bellingham Blazers 7: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8370

Southern Oregon Spartans 0, Bellingham Blazers 9: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8380

Southern Oregon Spartans 1, Bellingham Blazers 5: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8388

Six games into a win streak and the Bellingham Blazers were finally able to pick up consecutive wins at home, improving its home record to 5-13-1. The Blazers had played poorly at home up until this weekend when the Sportsplex faithful was treated to plenty of goals.

Seth Hebert and Javin Billings scored hat tricks on Friday as Billings added to his point count with two assists. Despite the five-point game, it still wasn't as much as Milo Schneidmiller's seven-point game on Saturday. Schneidmiller had two goals and five helpers en route to the 9-0 shutout.

Saahil Mann made 16 saves to reach his third shutout of the season that night, and would go on to win on Sunday as well.

Mark Phillips and Kyle Chambers scored for Southern Oregon on Friday, and Raymond Kelly netted the lone goal on Sunday.


(Photo by Karen Palashniuk, Fleeting Reality In Action, Timberwolves)

Hinton Timberwolves 1, Edson Aeros 5: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8374

Hinton Timberwolves 4, Edson Aeros 5: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8383  

Hinton Timberwolves 5, Edson Aeros 7: https://stats.wshl.timetoscore.com/generate-scorecard.php?game_id=8390  

It will probably eat away at them, but the Hinton Timberwolves will have two more attempts to defeat the Edson Aeros for a second time, since the start of the season.

The Aeros reach 18 straight wins at home taking the first two games of the weekend at Repsol Place, and then mustering a tough road win at the Murray Rec. Center in Hinton on Sunday.

Edson previously had an overall undefeated streak of 21-games that ended at Showcase, and can potentially surpass the mark—with its home streak—with five more games scheduled at Repsol Place.

The Aeros had a pretty wide spread weekend as far as goal scoring. Only Niklas Froden scored twice in a game but it didn't stop Edson from getting ahead.

The Timberwolves were very close to snapping Edson's undefeated home streak, especially at the 9:48 mark of the third period in Game 2. That was when Hinton's Max Sturko brought the game to within one goal when he made it 3-4. It would have been a come-from-behind-win for the ages as the Timberwolves were fighting for the rally after conceding three straight.

They weren't able to level the game as Gregory Smith locked things in and held Hinton to four goals. But the series turned into a dogfight come Sunday. Hinton had three leads before the Aeros said it had enough and scored three straight goals in the middle period to get some breathing room.