WSHL Showcase

by WSHL Staff

2019 wshl showcase

Game Recaps:

Showcase Recap Day 1

Showcase Recap Day 2

Showcase Recap Day 3

Showcase Recap Day 4

The 19th Annual Western States Shootout came and went but the same talent you saw will return to their respective divisions to begin the playoff push.

A total of 20 teams participated in the WSHL Showcase plus one representing team from the CPJHL. The games did not disappoint as fans got to witness big upsets, lots of goals and spectacular saves.

The following divisional stat will break down how each division fared after the week including wins and losses, OTW, and OTL.  

The effort of Showcase staff was evident in how fluid every game was played and transitioned to the next. With all games in one ice center, it gave college scouts, fans, and parents the convenience of being able to see every team play without shuttling to another venue.

A couple of notes that stick out from the Showcase include the Edson Aero’s losing for the first time in 21 games. The Ogden Mustangs were owners of the second longest win-streak in starting the season 20-0, and delivered the streak-snapping blow to the Aeros.

The Pueblo Bulls earned a sweep in their first appearance being only one of three teams with three regulation wins. Among them are the El Paso Rhinos and Wichita Jr. Thunder. The Dallas Snipers also had a sweep with two regulation wins and an overtime win.

The Las Vegas Thunderbirds didn’t finish with a winning mark in their first appearance having lost twice and winning one in overtime. Since their hot season-start, the T-Birds have dropped to third in the division.

Above all the greatest satisfaction for the fans was being able to see all the scouts flock to their teams during game interludes. Unlike at City National where the scouts hung around the tunnels beneath the stands, at LVIC, the scouts were directly in sight.